Never let a good 

crisis go to waste

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kicked out of wuhan for unorthadox methodology yeah? fuck you faucci! I can make a virus better than yours achieving gain of function every time and there ain't no vaccine for this bitch

Stoneware and Porcelain Corona Bongs 

MORE VIDEO STORIES IF YOU CLICK THROUGH TO YOUTUBE! (and more coming from the Satanic Flea Market in Electrowerkz)

Fired to 1280° C. More colours and designs coming do shout me if you want anything special, I am going to have bongs stash pots and sculptures at as many price points as possible if that is the correct jargon. . 

I am a bit backed up so do drop me a line if you want to pre-order here or on Instagram.

4/20 2021 Hyde Park was the best thing I have done in years. Made all the freezing in the snow making the things worthwhile. Lets really kick this thing off and support each other worldwide. I am interested in all and every idea for media or Police stunts of the kind I have been doing with this bong so do get in touch if this is your sort of thing. I can't believe how dead any legalization campaign is at the moment. That said- Big up Jimmy Dore, Breaking Points, Joe Rogan, The Convo Couch, The Useful Idiots podcast, The Fred Hampton leftists and all the dank Youtube channels Youtube is trying to kill. Lets have fun and  #LEGALIZEIT !

1. Yes. they are fully functional bongs
2. Yes they are for sale worldwide. I will update with individual items as they come out of the kiln.
3. Yes if you drop one it will possibly break though when I dropped one in the sink it seemed more likely the sink would break.
4. Yes as well as being a dark celebration of the times we now live this bong solves the long term problem of the instability of traditional bong design because it stands on three feet, Your three feet will have less glaze on the surface touching the ground. Placing on the wrong three feet will destablize potentially smelly bongwater. 
5. Fill with water and pour out til it no longer bubbles into your mouth with the rubber cork in.
6. There is a Holy Grail. You can do a bong without coughing. First exhale. Place finger on the shot, light and inhale smoothly to the back of your lungs. Swallow. Calm yourself until your rise gently.. When all is at peace slowly exhale. Or do it like the Afghans and cough your guts up. I do believe it gets you more mashed.
7. Yes it is possible to clean after heavy use. Overnight with a 99% iso soak and then a hot water rinse . Throw some rock salt in there to help scrub, give it a shake and if none of that is good enough try a fast-acting cleaner like Orange Chronic or Formula 420. (thanks to @beardosbongbrigade for the info) 
8. No I wouldn't claim that they ward against Covid. I am never sure if Totems have power in themselves or if it is in the mind of the believer. They have however been somewhat iconized by the Metropolitan Police, having unwittingly been drawn into completing a ritual in the destruction of the #twopersonsupportbubblespecial, dedicated the previous day outside Downing street. I am not sure what this means or whether three are long term consequences but its replacement has started its inevitable journey... who knows what is in store? Stay safe  Give thanks! Peace out! and #LEGALIZEIT2021