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corona bong green

Original sculpture 9 inches


Covid original in Turquoise Speckle 5-6 inches


Two person support bubble special 7 inches.
 *The original seized under the Misuse of drugs act and DESTROYED BY

New variant
corona bongs #1
porcelain 01

A tough winter throwing has led to this first unnumbered batch of 12 out of the kiln. The Covid Special is fired to 1280°C with a long discontinued Fulham Pottery Turquoise Speckle Stoneware glaze launched on Youtube at Hyde park London on 4/20/2021

 Approx. five inches in diameter with a bowl a mouthpiece and a shot drilled into three of the spikes, with an extra mouthpiece on the Support Bubble Special (Available to special order).

please do email me to order.

I have more colours coming and am up for any interesting suggestions you may have for variations on the theme.

These are very rustic bongs for people who want to smoke the icon of our time. I am up for working on a removable bowl and down tube for the more serious user. You can follow my progress on Instagram.

. As you can probably tell by now this is a bit of a humorous lockdown project while I have been safely furloughed (Cheers Boris). Politically I am bang in the middle on all this Covid atrocity. I argue all the time with all sides and am out protesting a growing list of confusing and ever changing concerns  facilitated by the Metropolitan Police. 

I have had a long experience dealing with these guys, usually the TSG outside squat parties and have never had a problem with them. I am working on an edit of the whole story of the #twopersonsupportbubblespecial from creation through to its dedication ceremony outside Downing street to its seizure and destruction the next day by the cops.

I have been angry, but it has been overall a very positive experience as usual with the MET so I am not at this point declaring Bongwars. I am sort of angry with myself for not scoping out the #freedomtodance protest before pulling the thing and my mask out. People were warning me. Now I have spoken to the cop I was indignantly complaining about I am no longer imagining who a person is and I am not going to fall into the trap of targeting Police rather than the law

The point isn't "I want to smoke a bowl in front of you and you can't do anything.".

The point is to change the law on cannabis, and to open serious consideration for the possibilities of  ending the drug war altogether.

. If anything I am annoyed there appears to be no legalization campaign anywhere. I would imagine because everyone is making so much money since lockdown.


coronabong tech 1